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Finding quality and reliable freelance writers to help scale your content production has never been so easy.

Always wanted to cover a sport but never had the expertise in house? How about trialing dozens of writers but never getting what you paid for? Enter the Marketplace.

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Find a freelance writer you like and ask them to complete an order or have them join your team of content producers.

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Rate Your Roster

The rating system allows you to keep track of the performance of your roster of writers and also allows you to identify subject matter experts you want to work with.

Control Your Budget

With marketplace order requests, you set a fixed price for the request and the deadline in which you’d like to receive it.

Pay Freelancers

We know how frustrating the end of the month can be. Reconciling all the invoices and paying out all those freelancers is a nightmare. With FanContent, we take care of all that hassle with our integrated payments. Simply approve an order and we’ll automatically pay out the freelancers and send you an invoice.