Information about professional sports is amongst the most read and engaging content on the web.

Sports fans are rabidly searching for interesting tidbits of information about their favorite team or looking for information that might help them place bets on the games.

The number one challenge for publishers in need of sports content is the turnaround time needed to get content produced by external copywriters.

It is just not possible to go to content service and find a qualified copywriter or place an order with tight deadlines. Most services would have turnaround times of 3 days minimum and in the world of sports, it might as well be a year.

The alternative is then to have your own in-house journalists or dedicated freelancers but then you are either paying too much for your content or have to deal with the personal management issues that come with a one on one relationship (or both!).

FanContent is the solution to this problem.

Our two-way marketplace platform lets the publisher place orders for custom orders of any urgency, even game day analysis, on the marketplace and get it fulfilled by one of our many sports fan authors. You can request an order to be delivered in as little as 4 hours.

As a publisher, you can even place a standing order for new pieces of content to be written about certain events at regular intervals, for instance, one Baseball game analysis per day, every day for the whole duration of the season. Your orders will be placed automatically on the marketplace at the set interval so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Just wait for the fresh deliveries to appear in your inbox!

But the advantages of FanContent over the competition do not stop there.

Our marketplace is actually a two-way street. Motivated sports writers don’t have to wait for orders to come in. They can proactively create engaging content that they offer for sale to publishers.

If a publisher requires content and does not have the inspiration to dictate what he wants to be written about, no problem! He can just head to the marketplace section for ready-made articles, read the excerpts, and buy exclusive rights to this piece of content. Buy it and publish it the next minute!

With our marketplace system, publishers in need of topical, on-time, sports content are in the right place and sports fans who want to write about the sports they love can be paid to do so!