Sports Betting

The sports betting industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world.

In the United States, in particular, changes in the legal landscape have permitted the emergence of both the online version and sportsbooks in the casinos in many states already. Many more will be coming online soon.

This explosion in the availability of sports betting has led to an explosion of content consumption by bettors and with it the challenge of sourcing quality editorial.

Sports bettors need relevant information provided to them on every game, with picks, analysis advice. This content needs to be of the utmost quality lest you disappoint your readers and lose their trust. They will be betting cash on this advice and this content and as a publisher, you must make sure that it is top-notch every time.

Adding to the challenge, the content must be up to date and the information available yesterday might not be relevant today. You need content delivered in short order.

This is an enormous challenge for sports betting media and affiliates and one that can usually be solved only by having your in-house journalist handling the topics.

FanContent offers a better solution.

With FanContent you can place orders for specific content such as a game analysis or horse racing picks and demand that it be delivered at a set time. Hundreds of independent sportswriters can claim your order and deliver it, ensuring both quality and timely delivery. Content delivery can happen in as little as 4 hours.

These sportswriters have also the option to provide ready-made content pieces on their own marketplace so, as a Publisher, you can simply decide to browse and read excerpts of available content and purchase those suited for your need today. No need to place an order, just buy a piece and publish it the next minute!