The latest revolution in sports takes place on a new playing field: the virtual world.

With the advent of streaming on Twitch, Youtube and other platforms, a new generation of gladiators has entered the arena and millions of readers want to consume the latest news on their exploits.

eSports is the hot newcomer in the world of sports and gambling, but might be incomprehensible to devout traditional copywriters.
To cover this new field properly and offer genuinely good content to the savvy consumers, you need specialists with true enthusiasm about video games and the world of eSports.

Knowledge about CS:GO, FIFA, League of Legend and other games cannot be faked and only true fans will be able to deliver news and analysis of these contests.

Luckily, gaming-specialized authors have called FanContent their home and stand at the ready to deliver content about the hottest new field of sports and betting: esports.