How it Works

FanContent brings an innovative approach to the field of content writing. Instead of telling you what price you need to pay or asking you what “star” quality of content you want, we just let the money talk.

There is nothing more efficient in the world than a properly organized market when buyers and sellers can determine themselves how to price their product and whether they want to buy it.

FanContent brings this logic to content writing and organizes the marketplace, letting publishers and authors eventually decide how much they want to pay and how much they want to work respectively.

Our job at FanContent is to bring together the publishers and authors. We use advanced algorithms to optimize the chances of the orders to be filled in by the most relevant authors and make sure that our top authors earn a good living doing what they love: writing about topics they are enthusiastic about.

How does it work for Publishers?

For starters, publisher on FanContent can set their price freely.

If the content that you want to order is a crucial piece for your website or company, it is a good idea to pay more for it, to get top-quality.

If the content is urgent or time-sensitive, the same logic applies. You should be ready to offer more to get the job done ASAP.

In the end though, it is for you to decide how much this particular content piece is worth to you.

Based on the price you set, our algorithm will present the content order in priority to the best-rated writers and we even personally notify them about the order, to guarantee that top-notch content is delivered before the deadline.

But of course, if the order is not urgent or for a less exposed page on your website, there is no reason to pay as much for it. Therefore as a publisher you should probably place the order at a lesser price and just wait a bit longer to get the order fulfilled. If the order does not seem to be moving, you can always raise the price or simply extend the deadline to wait for some author to claim it.

To make your job easier, you can create templates and place new orders in just a few clicks.

To save time, you can also create a single order that comprises of multiple pieces of content on the same subject, for instance separate product reviews about a same class of product of different brands.

How does it work for Authors?

Just as we don’t set the prices for publishers, we are not going to dictate what an author should write about or how much money they should make…

Ready Made Content

We want every individual author to decide by himself what they want to write and how much they want to earn.

Some authors are only interested in particular topics so it would make no sense for us to force them to write about another… Why would we then “assign” an order to a specific author as competitors do? The quality could not be guaranteed if we did.

By the same token, some authors might be doing it as a hobby while others are professionals. Assigning articles to people with less free time or capping the earnings of an author would not be fair.

This is why we once again let the marketplace play its role in bringing buyers and sellers of content together.

The best authors for the job according to our algorithm will be invited to claim the order but they are not forced to. If they are interested in the price and the piece, they will claim it. If not, someone else will.


You are not alone!

FanContent Editorial team and revisions

Unlike competitors who let publishers fend by themselves and filter the authors and content, the FanContent team is there to help you.

We offer free editorial review, to make sure that the content delivered to the publisher meets quality standards.

If our editors spot some improvements, they can make them themselves or send it back to the authors to fix. If the piece submitted by an author is simply not good enough, the editors will refuse it and the order will go back to the marketplace to be claimed by another author.

Of course, no one knows their needs better than the publisher and they can also ask for revisions to the piece, after delivery. You have 72 hours to ask for revisions and can send back the content to the editors and the authors for reviews. If despite these revisions the piece is still not good enough, the publisher can refuse the piece and get a partial or complete refund based on the circumstances.