About Us

Ready Made Content

Content done differently

The FanContent was imagined and created by Fan Leads Inc, publishers of multiple websites on the topics of sports and online entertainment.

We grew tired of having to settle for subpar content purchased from content brokers with no stake in the game, who collect their fees regardless of the quality delivered.

Finding dedicated freelancers who could be relied on to deliver on time was a challenge as well and, it did not seem wise to hire in-house journalists, with the administrative nightmare and high costs associated.

After months of brainstorm and identifying the shortfalls of the online content industry, we were willing to bet that many other publishers were in the same situation: frustrated with the current landscape and of not getting the content they need in time and at the right time.

We created FanContent from scratch, with a dedicated team of developers and we think that it can change the way publishers and authors alike approach the content industry.

No longer will publishers be bound to try their luck with a given freelancer, not knowing in advance if he can be relied upon. The authors will not have to wait to be called on to work; they can just step up whenever they feel ready.

We hope that the end product will be as useful to you as it is to us. We are still learning and still growing so if you have any comments or suggestions on how we can serve you better, please drop us a line and together we can improve the content writing industry and create a better environment both for publishers and writers!