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What is FanContent?

FanContent is a unique platform that uses technology and the power of free markets to ensure the delivery of high-quality sports and gambling content to Publishers by independent writers who want to earn money writing about what they know and love.


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There is nothing more efficient in the world than a properly organized market where buyers and sellers determine the price of the product. FanContent brings this logic to content writing.
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How it works

FanContent was designed as a two-way street. Publishers can place orders to be fulfilled by our vetted network of Authors.

Publishers place orders by providing details of the type of content they need, when they need it and the price they’re willing to pay for it.

Once an order is created, it is presented on the marketplace where hundreds of Authors can commit to delivering the order.

When completed, it is sent to our team of Editors to ensure the content delivered meets our quality standards.

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Industries we serve

We specialize in many of the most popular content niches.


Information about professional sports is amongst the most engaging and consumed web content.

Sports Betting

On-time content is paramount to offer value to sports bettors and capture their interest.


The next generation of sports is virtual, and millions follow the exploits of gamers and want to consume content about them.


Finding good writers for your casino content is a major challenge.


Millions of Poker players want to read up on Pros exploit and content to improve their skills.


More and more people want to bank online and trade stocks and need advice that they can trust.